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Seksi is a sex toy brand for those with disabilities. The goal is to bring awareness to the availability of sex toys as well as encourage those with physical disabilities to feel like these products are for them just as much as they are for  able-bodied people. 


Seksi is a special edition set of sex toys that were chosen according to advice from real people with physical disabilities. Each product features a story that can be accessed via QR code located on the packaging. 

Visit the Project website to read the stories that inspired the designs.

seksi-mockups-view4-Current View.png
Untitled_Artwork 174.png

Stretchy silicone fit various sizes and ensure the device does not fall off.

Untitled_Artwork 166 copy.png

​​Adjust the heating function up to 40 degrees Celsius. With 3 warming levels.

Untitled_Artwork 172.png

Take full advantage of this product’s features with a smartphone app.

Untitled_Artwork 177.png

 Recharge it with the included magnetic USB cable and the fun can start again.

Untitled_Artwork 173.png

This toy will enhance both individual and joint pleasure.  More pleasure for all!

Untitled_Artwork 175.png

A waterproof finish allows you to clean the toy with water and mild soap.


​​We Vibe Verge Vibrating Ring

Inspired by a person with dwarfism to create a versatile user-friendly vibrating cock ring.

seksi-mockups-the little cumfort-Current View.png


Eva II Hands-Free Rechargeable Couples Vibrator

Created to make clitoral orgasms accessible and hands-free for those with hand mobility issues. 

seksi-mockups-handsfree hotness-Current View.png


Bellesa Finger Pro Finger Vibrator

This little finger vibrator makes it easier for those bound to a wheelchair to access hard-to-reach spots and avoids having to grip a handle.

bumpyrider-seksi-mockups-Current View.png


Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo

Designed for people with visual impairments, that uses textured patterns and heating elements to enhance the blow job experience.

unseen wonder-seksi-mockups-Current View.png
Untitled_Artwork 166.png

Easy access touch button to easily adjust vibration intensity.

Untitled_Artwork 167.png

This toy is malleable and can reach hard to reach places thanks to the flexible materials and technology. 

Untitled_Artwork 144.png

Made from soft, body-friendly, medical-grade silicone that's smooth  and hygienic.

Untitled_Artwork 169 copy.png

Flexible for versatile application. Fits various penis sizes and vibrates. 

Untitled_Artwork 168.png

For those who desire a little bit of hot and cold check out this toys cooling feature.

Untitled_Artwork 167 copy.png

Become one with this sex toy. Wear the toy in the underwear hands-free.

Discover more with Seksi's Guidebook to Sex & Disability

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