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Patience- Editorial Illustration

This project began as an idea to represent patience in the form of an image. I brainstormed and kept coming back to the idea of clocks and waiting for time to pass. The idea evolved from a simple clock man sitting at a bus stop to a whole group of clock-headed men waiting for time to pass in a clock tower. 

sketch refined
ideation sketches
ideation sketches

Ideation Process

I began the process by sketching things that reminded me of passing time since patience is most valuable during those times. I thought of the turtle and the hare, never-ending work, waiting at a bus stop, waiting for something to grow, and many more. in the end, I decided the clock-headed man could be pushed further. 

sketch 1

I decided to combine the idea of waiting for work to end with the concept of the clock man. I wanted to portray a deep connection to the capitalist society and the reliance our society has on the working class. The idea is that we are all ticking time bombs watching the world go by as we go about our daily work routines. Are we working to beat the clock or working to finish another day?


character design
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